Saturday, July 22, 2006

the essential fall pant

An ultimate must have for fall.

Raf Simons. Fall 2006. Look #7.

tough society

If a rocker ever wanted to appeal more sleek and refined, then this is what he would wear. The key element here is the studded belt. This is what distinguishes him from the other boys for being bad.

Burberry Prorsum. Fall 2006. Look #18.


This is one of the reasons I like red. Look at how instantly it gives a character to the entire look without being too much tacky. Easy to add on with long term impression. Simplicity at its best!

Hermes. Fall 2006. Look #18.

g is for green

It's all about details. Look at that fit. That color. Those cuffs. That ideal black and grass green contrast. I want it. Now.

Givenchy. Fall 2006. Look #2.

athletic coolness

Look Analysis:

  • HAIR: flat and slightly parted
  • TIE: white check knot to give a slight contrast to the hoodie and shirt
  • HOODIE: fitted
  • SHIRT: same color as hoodie to blend in smoothly
  • TOP DETAIL: important to notice is the length of the hoodie, which hits exactly at waist in order to give a lean and elongated look
  • JEANS: same color family as top part (gray), fitted straight leg with tapered leg opening
  • SHOES: pointed
  • BAG: duffel, which finished the look as both city sleek or chic athletic
  • ALTERNATIVE: removal of hoodie and switching the duffel bag with a dark brown brief case eliminates the sportiness and gives a more refined look

Givenchy. Fall 2006. Look # 23.


The perfect skinny jean for men. Not too fitted. Very slightly tapered at the bottom.

Diesel denim, avaialble at Urban Outfitters.

vintage kate

Friday, July 21, 2006

oh, topman

I must confess that I have had a crush on TOPMAN for some time. This British super-trendy, affordable retailer offers an excellent merchandise selection and I have been visiting their site very regularly, which often caused me to daydream of the clothes. But not for long! On my recent trip to Barcelona, I did some serious card damage and realized why Europeans prefer it over H&M. We, people in the U.S. usually think of H&M when words such as trendy and inexpensive come across. Now, I do not have anything against H&M which I am very fond of, but TOPMAN has a much killer, sexier merchandise because:
  • carries XS
  • crisper, fresh color palette
  • 28 waist actually fits like 28, not 30-31
  • perfect skinny jeans for men
  • overall fit is superb
  • no boring brown polos

According to a rumor, TOPSHOP (women's of TOPMAN) is planning to open up a store this coming spring 07 in Manhattan (of course, where else?). No word on TOPMAN as of yet. Keep your fingers crossed, boys.