Thursday, August 31, 2006

gold birdie

Love the wings. And that hair. Kate. Iconic. As usual.

Pop.Fall 2006.


Topman is going to be updating their site, and they will include INTERNATIONAL shipping. This new concept will start working before Christmas. This means that I will be able to get cool bags such as the one above. And, even cooler apparel.


I must say that it is SO refreshing to see a different type of pant/jeans on celebrities than the skinny. And Penelope shows how it is done. Very 70's glam. I like.


I do like Fergie's song, "London Bridge". But this outfit is little too much Kateishy. Cuffed short shorts, tussled hair...I feel the vibe. Agree?
Awesome belt tho.

happy scream

This is such good news!

Edward Munch's world famous work, "The Scream", has been retrieved
by the police after two years of being stolen. It is in good condition, as well as his other work, "Madonna", which also was stolen.

Munch is one of my favorite artists and I was in such an over-the-top feeling when MOMA did an exhibition of his work this part spring. I even went three times. His paintings depict human emotions like no one else and his intense use of bold colors is amazing. Therefore, I am so happy to read about this. Officially, one more reason to visit Oslo. Can't wait.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

t and p(aolo)

Paolo Roversi never disspoints.
His latest project for T, Times' style mag is just smashing. His signature blurry effect is still there, but what captures one are the various backgrounds, that intense ultra red, and how well they correspond with Freja. He is a master at placing a model. He truly is a favorite.

mis mis

Ah, what a pic! Love it!

Two people I like. First, Cathy Horyn, fashion critic of the NYT whose writing I simply love and read very closely and Narciso whose designs are just amazing. I especially loved his winter collection with all those black and white combinations.
Too bad I wasn't there that night!! I am assuming Cathy might be doing a story on MisShapes or maybe she just went there for fun. Doesn't she looks just gorgeous in that pic?!

kaw pow

I like the grafiti font and sweaty Kate. I am just curious if the title suggests an interview or something that Kate is saying. That might be interesting to read. No?


Freja is one of those faces that gives me an excitement but in a calm, soothing way. There is this silent vibe that makes her truly unique. And that's why I think she is here to stay.

I could be looking at this photo for hours. And, yes, it's not glamorous or anything. It's GAP. But, she can still capture you. That's the beauty in her.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

layer it

I love the effect the vest makes about this whole outfit. It is slightly longer than the jacket, which gives a good layering effect and signals a bit of that i-just-threw-clothes-on-me statement. Dark violet, grey shirt and brown vest. Excellent colors for matching in the fall. Bonus points for the boots with straps.

Cloak. Fall 2006. Look #10.


I would love to see more of Felicity in magazines. Declared as the next big thing while ago, this girl seemed promising, but where is she now?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

nicely agressive

I am not a Justin fan, but I had to post this pic of his new album cover. First, I love the Dior suit on him--looks good. Second, I really like the off-center position he has. Third, this is not your typical ex-pop idol cover. How? Simply because it is not a boring shot where the artist looks nice and sweet and proper. He crashes that disco ball, he throws his arms in the air and grinds his teeth. His entire body is in motion.
At last, the plain white background and floor project great contrast to the black suit he wears and signal that raw, dirty vibe.
Now, I wonder if he got the disco ball inspiration from Madonna? Who knows.


The song of this very moment:

Toop Toop by Cassius

Get. Play. Dance. Now.

in the blue

I really like the GAP Fall ads with all those blue waves (or curls?). They are fun to look at despite some styling errors (too much denim-on-denim combinations). My favorite: Ms. Stam in an oversized v-neck sweater and leggings.

Friday, August 04, 2006

keira, the belted

Keira's summer obsession? Belts. On everything.