Thursday, August 31, 2006

happy scream

This is such good news!

Edward Munch's world famous work, "The Scream", has been retrieved
by the police after two years of being stolen. It is in good condition, as well as his other work, "Madonna", which also was stolen.

Munch is one of my favorite artists and I was in such an over-the-top feeling when MOMA did an exhibition of his work this part spring. I even went three times. His paintings depict human emotions like no one else and his intense use of bold colors is amazing. Therefore, I am so happy to read about this. Officially, one more reason to visit Oslo. Can't wait.

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MYRIADE said...

Actually the pictures where showed to the press today - with the dammage that was done to them - and they are going to be excibited for some time...

From Oslo,