Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Look what a wonderful comment I received today. It was so great, that I decided to share it with everyone that reads this blog. It amused me. I never knew that people would get so low and start wasting their time leaving nasty comments on my blog. Actually, I think it's good and quite healthy to get some criticism, but what is this? Are we in 5th grade? At least have the decency to let us know what glorious blog you represent.

Jim Dandy said...
Your a pest.Go away you Macedonian meatball.You leave annoying messages at other blogs to draw attention to your stupid site, so I am now leaving a rude message at yours.
You work at Starbucks serving latte ?
10:27 AM

Monday, February 26, 2007

lily is perfect

It's all about those eyes and the delicate finger bending. Flawless. What a beauty.

photo: nyt

the question

The question here is:

Fashion victim or not?

She has:
1. Prada paper bag, high waisted mini - recognizable from miles away
2. Black tights - black and red... what an old, boring combo...also minis and tights is a combo that a high schooler in Indiana might be wearing today
3.Matching shoes...so matchy matchy

I don't know kids. YOU tell me!!

photo: the sartorialist

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

because this is cathy

Cathy Horyn's though of Prada:

"If you see yourself as a conceptual canvas or chair, Miuccia Prada’s dimpled wool coats and shaggy skirts are for you. "

source: nyt.com

the new it model

New face alert, Irina Kulikova opened the always surprising Prada show. Powerful features which resemble introverted innocence and sweetness. Let's see how fast we see her in French Vogue, since they always seem to be into the new Prada girl. Remember that 80's close up face cover of Anna Marya??

photos: style.com, tfs

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

here to stay

She's back. And looks good. I'm glad to see Snejana back on the runway in Milan. I am beyond bored with the entire model debate, which usually included a Snejana photo somewhere. Can people leave models to do their job? Hats off to Christohper Bailey for booking Snejana at Burberry.

photo: style.com

Thursday, February 15, 2007

plastic is in

The original futuristic material of the late 18th century and early 20th gets a welcomed comeback by the ever gorgeous, ever stunning Christina Ricci with her new editorial at Another Magazine. I love the thought given here because while everyone is doing heavy metals, copper, lots of gold and silver, they go for a very pure and simple idea of something that was futuristic in the past. Rethink how you use the plastic bags from the supermarket and don't forget to watch Ricci's new movie, "Black Snake Moan", starting February 23.

photo: tfs

trend: fall 07: the short jacket

dries van noten, j.lindberg, bottega veneta, lanvin, costume national

When a season is full of cropped pants and lean clothes, it comes naturally that outwear might get an alternation of its own. Traditional outwear such as peacoats were cropped at Bottega Veneta and Lanvin, as well as formal three button jackets at Dries Van Noten. It may come to one's mind that the wide spread approach to cropped and slim silhouettes was contributed by Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme, but it goes much further back in the past. What about the 60's Mod guys or the downtown art darlings who were by Andy Warhol's side at the Factory and Studio 54? Or even better, the 70's disco goers? Their looks very quite trim, cropped and subdued. Those times can be absolutely felt as most current at this season's collections.

photos: style.com

trend: fall 07: red

gucci, lanvin, marni, dolce&gabbanna, alessandro dell'acqua

With designers embracing color as a primary source of their presentations, one does not associate fall and winter with dullness and grey skies anymore. Especially when the dominant color of the season is red. It was definitely a favorite among designers and they applied it on almost anything; from straight leg pants at Lanvin to patent leather sneakers at Dolce&Gabbanna. Also, red has been in the public's eye for some time now as a campaign drive at Gap regarding their RED campaign for good cause. A change for something more vibrant might be needed this upcoming fall after a saturation of dark green as the color of last season.

photos: style.com

dress world

I think that by now, we all know that Kane is an exceptional young talent who has become a media darling. I am a big fan of his collections, and his most current one showed how gifted and creative he is.

But, then there is this thought of mine, which occurs many times for young or older designers who do dresses as a main ingeredient of their collections. Why, oh why. Really. Do you see women wearing dresses 24/7? Even if you do, that population is less than 5%. Kane's collection consisted of over 80% dresses, and some daywear which was not enough. I think that one is considered a good designer after they show the world they can do daywear. Because at the end, you can always find a pretty dress. Everyone makes them, and everyone sells them. Whether finding a good, chic yet not fashion-fictim looking daywear looks is so hard to get by nowadays.

Oh, and by the way, don't you think that Sarah Mower sounded so highly thrilled about Kane more than anyone in her entire history as a fashion journalist? Just wow.


Monday, February 12, 2007

trend: fall 07: the long sweater

fendi, ann demeulemeester, prada, burberry, dries van noten
Volume and proportions has been the ultimate trend of Fall 2007. As mostly dominant in women's wear, this design concept crossed over to the men's zone in a form of long, loose sweaters and it took a great part of many presentations. The biggest influence was felt at Prada, who showed overpowering, relaxed tops with ultra slim pants. Comfort is definitely a key element in pushing this trend for retailers as well as a new, brave alternative for an updated fall wardrobe. An excellent idea for this look, is layering, which can be achieved with warm overcoats. Perhaps, the best attribute is that one can dress it up as Christopher Bailey showed for Burberry Prorsum or make it casual just like Dries Van Noten.
photos: style.com

trend: fall 07: the cropped pant

trovata, ysl, dior homme, mcqueen, patrik evrell

For the upcoming fall and winter, warmth may not be an option for today's man. Designers from the ever elegant Stefano Pilato for Yves Saint Laurent to the downtown favorite Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme, have been embracing a new, fresh concept for the traditional men's pant. They showed a vast selection of cropped pants, which was usually worn with a longer, but slightly leaner top. The main trick to this trend is the sock issue, which can be rather challenging for one who is not color savvy. However, as these designers showed, best option is to go sock less or if you truly want to be original pick a bold, contrasting color that pops, as shown by Alexander McQueen.
photos: style.com

Saturday, February 03, 2007

suvi's rising

Prada's opening show girl, Suvi scores a great deal at British Vogue with a new and simply fantastic editorial. I must say I wasn't the biggest fan at first, but I am starting to like her more by the day. Especially after seeing these two photos from the British Vogue spread.
source: tfs

Friday, February 02, 2007

5 things

I've been tagged by Adrian at Fashion.Verbatim (sorry for the lateness!) to tell 5 things about me that not many people know, so here it goes...

1. I was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. Macedonia is in South-Eastern Europe.

2. I have an obsession with cardigans. They are just great for layering.

3. I prefer sunsets over sunrises. Because it makes me think about what I've done that day. Also, you are more conscious.

4. My favorite color is gray.

5. I tend to sit under umbrellas when I am at the beach because I am scared of skin cancer.


I just saw this the other day at the Prada store on 5th Avenue, and it brought back some memories. I don't know about you guys, but when I was little (3-7) I used to wear socks with my sandals. I am not quite sure if it was for protection or just fashion of that time, but I clearly remember that many kids at the kindergarten were carrying the same look. This was the mid-80's.

Now, let's fast forward to present time. I have to say that it looks somewhat cool on the mannequin, but I am not sure about wearing this on the street. The extremely tapered cuffed pant, yes. The sandals, yes. The socks, err, umm.. Again, it looks cool... I guess I'll have to try it on home before going out. Hmm?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

the shirt

Another thing I live for is a Raf Simons button down shirt. I love his precise cut of the collar. Usually men's shirts' collar is cut longer and little bit much spread. But, his are very carefully developed of how the collar is going to stay. It's below medium height of the neck and short. Now, if I only knew someone who could get me a discount...

Raf Simons. Fall 2007. Look 8.

source: style.com

the night jacket

I love the luster on this jacket. This would be such a perfect item for going out at night. Don't you think?

Raf Simons. Fall 2007. Look 32.

source: style.com

the velour blouson

For the longest time, I could not stand velour. It looked old, bad and just plain ugly. Maybe it was also a result of seeing people wearing it as an entire look from head to toe, aka the Juicy Couture. I think it was just too much for me to handle.

But, my opinion has slightly changed when I saw some valour blousons at American Apparel. I tried one in moss green and it looked just great with my black jeans. I like that odd shine valour has, and it also reminded me of the spring Prada collection as in those jeweled satins. Although, I am still not sure if I am going to purchase one soon, I liked the one in the look above.

Veronique Branquinho. Fall 2007. Look 26.

source: style.com

the color combination

Can I just say that I live for Lanvin colors? Alber Elbaz has such a good and strong sense of colors. I absolutely loved all of his collection, but what stroke me the most were the amazing colors. Dark teal, deep purple, navy mixed with electric blue...

Lanvin. Fall 2007. Look 30.

source: style.com

the new suit jacket

This is a good twist on a man's classic--the suit jacket. I like the idea of how this jacket is cropped, but still made to match the pants. As I am not the tallest guy around, I would instantly wear this jacket. I cannot express the frustration I endure when I'm looking for a suit jacket. It usually goes along the lines of: too long, too bulky, too business-man looking, too... it's just not right. I have only one suit jacket which I wear to interviews and that's it. Oh, and it needed to be altered 100 times, of course.

Dries Van Noten. Fall 2007. Look 32.

source: style.com

the one button coat

I love how this coat fits. Especially, the slim sleeves. Men's coats tend to have loose/bulky sleeves, but this one looks just right. Also, the one button defines the look as more linear.

Jean Paul Gaultier. Fall 2007. Look 4.

source: style.com