Monday, February 26, 2007

the question

The question here is:

Fashion victim or not?

She has:
1. Prada paper bag, high waisted mini - recognizable from miles away
2. Black tights - black and red... what an old, boring combo...also minis and tights is a combo that a high schooler in Indiana might be wearing today
3.Matching matchy matchy

I don't know kids. YOU tell me!!

photo: the sartorialist


Alice said...

I like it.. taking a statement skirt and pairing it with a simple shirt and gloves combo that creates an interesting silhouette that balances out the volume of the skirt.
Also, I think the black tights and shoes just draw further attention to the main focus of the outfit - the skirt.

I'm enjoying the blog a lot, well done!

Model Citzen said...

Personally, I would have gone with dark grey tights...something not too predictable.

Anonymous said...

uhm, I think you're right, it's quite victim-y. Especially cause it does not really suit her (age?).

Rafe Totengco said...


NYC Modelista said...

I like the top and the bottom but not together. The boxy skirt looks great with the tights and heels but needs a snug softer blouse. The boxy top needs a softer, longer skirt to balance it out.

So I vote, VICTIM. Too costumey.

Anonymous said...

Not a victim, not with legs like those.

Anonymous said...

The look really doesn't suit her very well....I guess I'll say victim.

blushing apples said...

but i love it

Donna said...

love the legs.
her hair says clueless.
which casts a shadow on the whole ensemble.
but love those legs.