Saturday, September 30, 2006

rock chic irina turned boho hippie

the sartorialist for


Besides looking and thinking about clothes, Vogue's Grace Coddington has other things on her mind...

yes or no

Could this 40's bathing suit be one of the inspirations for Prada's latest collection?
According to WWD, it might be.

Friday, September 29, 2006

distortion disko, indeed

pull it harder, pretty
we are crazy about metallics

don't you just love that slick hair? so 90's and so genious

because boys just want to have fun

creativity always counts and you can never have too much jewelry. notice the stiletto on top of the head.

shoes, shoes, shoes

this is how you wear plaid to the disco

Thursday, September 28, 2006

not wanted

So Cathy Horyn and Sarah Mower are banned from the Dolce & Gabbana show. The reason given to the press by the duo's rep is stated as "personal". But, we all know that they are not invited because of giving unfavorable collection reviews.

I know this is nothing too new, but I always wonder what's the point?? A critic's job is to critic and express their own opinion, whether it's good or bad. The duo's fame was pretty much created by the press in early 90's, but they seem to forget this.

I also think that the greatness of any artists is to confront and still invite the "enemy" critic to see their presentation of works. This shows even greater strength and self-confidence in believing that their work is good.

heated scandinavia

Slightly surprised that Ms. Prada went for a Scandinavian girl opening and closing her show considering her previous Slavic stars such as Sasha, Marya. But, you never know what to expect from a Prada show.

Her name is Suvi Koponen. She is from Finland and has some serious boyishy vibes. A Supreme girl.

I am starting to count the weeks until I see her all over in editorials and some covers. Rumors has it, she is already scheduled to work with Meisel.



Miuccia Prada to me is much like Madonna. Changes occur constantly and all aspects of previous work never gets repeated. They both are like a time machine that only goes forward in the future seeking new ideas and concepts that eventually will influence society in many artistic ways.

Knowing this, I was expecting something drastic. Something that people will say it's weird, hate it, interesting but don't understand it. Well, it was delivered. The genius of Prada is that she loves giving hints of references (African) but adopting it in her own way, which makes one think for a while before commenting any opinions. Those indications are often interpreted and mixed with elements or ideas/feeling of today's world such as backpacks in this collection or depression/war/coldness in her fall '06 collection.

Is there a more original way to cover your head than a shiny turban? Didn't think so. This 40's/early 50's vibe was combined with distinct volume play, which was kept for the waist above. Colors were rich and deep as jewels and the fabrics even richer with shiny satins leading the way. Light beiges and traces of brown provided for a good contrast. Although, this may not be the most commercial Prada collection besides the very salable accessories, but could impact many of us soon.

And don't forget that economists measure the economy according hemlines--the shorter, the better. Prada's hemlines? Micro.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

happiness at the valley

we are always up for light as a paper dress and killer pose

ruffles are for bad girls as well

artsy, splashed colors tanks are nice

a chanel bag never goes out of style

partisan hats are hot

who said you cannot dress up for the disco

so 70's

we can never get enough of mod

a studded vest and bondage inspired accessories must go with some attitude

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the return

The iconic Carmen Kass looking more radiant than ever at Salvatore Ferragamo.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it's a blond world

Presenting: Madonna's lastest, freshest crop. Bleach blond.
Have you bought your bottle yet?

always happy at happy valley

boys will never get tired of disney and we will never get tired of boys who know how to pose

we've always liked hardware with basics

we love corsets and gaultier vibes

marc jacobs celeb tees are everywhere, but naomi rocks this look with a cool jacket

shouldn't she be in a dior show?

ruffle shirts rock!

stars and 80's are always in

one rocky, punky trench

cos we always like boys with eyeliner and shadows

boys should wear more silk geometric scarfs

we love high waisted belts and girls who know how to pose

family ties with penelope tree? note the delicate pearls around the edges of the dress

hate it or love it, but geometry cannot be avoided

this is a proof that you can wear your leopard print dress anywhere

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hot malgosia

The legendary Malgosia Bela walks the runway for Noir in London.
Simply stunning!!!

the face

She opened for Marc Jacobs.
She has that weird (in a good way) look that is still going strong.
She has amazingly strong bone structure with some sharp angles.
She has a cold stare.
She appeared in every major NY show.

She is Iekeliene Stange. A Marilyn girl.

And my personal favorite at the moment.