Tuesday, September 19, 2006

attack: sofia, cathy, the misshapes

"Marie Antoniette" is not out until the middle of October, but the critics are already reviewing it and not in a good, favorable way. One of the first reviews I've read so far is from the New Yorker, which explains in details the life story of the "teen" queen. According to Judith Thurman of the New Yorker, Sofia Coppola is:

"... a fashion celebrity and muse, who helps to publicize the work of designer friends by wearing it with the teasing glamour of a jaded virgin playing dress-up in her mother’s clothes."

Ouch. Read rest of the story
Apparently, Cathy's
article on the MisShapes was not completely correct. She wrote that one member of the hipster trio has influenced the hairstyles of Hedi Slimane's latest collection, but Hedi is opposed to this, saying:

"...Ms. Horyn's reporting seems not to be based on fact and it makes me question what's behind it...I think you guys (MisShapes) are good for New York nightlife, but I am sorry to say the show was not about you."



Anonymous said...

where did the slimane quote come from? that is very interesting... i have the highest respect for ms. horyn so i wonder what happened there.

thecoherent said...

the slimane quote is from wwd.