Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Besides all the bad press, and her messed up life, I still love this woman. Why is that?

Yes, she has a gorgeous voice and her songs make me melt, but I think there is something addictive about her.

Oh, and I absolutely like her style--the hair, the ballet slippers, the braided belt, the skinnies and the dramatic eyeliner...I think there should be a term in the dictionary as a Amy Winehouse look.

Amy, please make another album.

Monday, September 17, 2007

death of the skinny jean

Just one word: stop!

thank you

I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

I have been through a very rough time these past couple of months.

For some reason, after working in fashion you realize how much we do NOT appreciate life. Life is very nasty behind the actual scenes and it gives you a mindblowing picture of reality and cruelty of the fashion world.

In any regards, more updates will follow with focus on conceptuality.

Welcome back and thank you for reading--I highly appreciate even if someone came here and read the blog for a second or an hour.

Be good, but not so good.

Monday, August 20, 2007

work is a bitch!

Sorry for being so absent from here.
For now, a break.
Tomorrow is the future.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'll be back soon, but had to share this image with everyone. This is what makes me excited about the fucking world of fashion--the eyes, the stare, the nastiness, the scared bird look...LOVE!!!!

If you tell me you don't like this new Prada ad with the ultimate Sasha, then just leave. Please. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the right one!

This is the absolute perfect blazer for short guys like me.

photo: the sartorialist

the femme shirt

I guess this is the only acceptable way to pull off a girly looking top. Although, it still looks little femme.
photo: the sartorialist

need of the moment

This is so effortless chic for men. Agree?
photo: the satrorialist


Look at this ridiculous trend in Italy: braided bracelets around ankles on grown up men. Isn't this bad or what?
photo: the sartorialist

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

elegance is back

I think that Brad Pitt picked my mind lately. I've been toying with the idea of doing my hair in a parted way since the fall and now he gets all the credit. Hah.

Anyway, this is quite major. Let's leave that spiky, out-of-the-bed look and get more sophisticated. What's not to love here? Such a classy style with minimal effort that brings great sophistication. Buy combs!!!

photos: ew, lemonde

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I got a job.
I am moving.
Bare with me!
More posts will be coming soon.

Tell me how much you miss the blog!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

runway or reality?

Raf's wonderful shorts are absolutely sticked in my mind. That exquisite draping, the particular slim name it, I just want one. But, then reality kicks in and you wonder is this for the runway only or can I wear it on the street? Can you push steretypes and be an original?

So, what is it? Runway or reality?

source: firsview


Another example of how New York is slowly becoming a giant suburb. JCPenney on 34 St.??? Not surprised.
This photo: Payless Shoes in Soho: Broadway/Spring

neon spring

It's hard not to fall into this craze about 80's or neon. But, it's not like someone forced me into it. I suppose I just felt inspired. Perhaps, it was a good idea for a change. So, here it is: my neon scarf and an acid wash t-shirt.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

mag advice

According to New York magazine, short shorts are considered underwear. I say no, and you say...?

saturation point

I love accessories, but when you have something shoved in your face for a long time, you get bored and annoyed because:

1. This scarf is everywhere.
2. This scarf is even worn by high school students.
3. This scarf has become a mechanical part of wannabe chic people.
4. This scarf is so unoriginal.
5. This scarf is still advertised in the latest Urban Outfitters catalog and is paired with a military jacket. The horror.
6. This scarf needs to be stored and be untouched for at least 3 years.

image: urban outfitters spring catalog

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

urban mixture: tims + skinny

I am not sure if I am delighted or puzzled to write about a new trend spreading among stylish guys in the city. It is quite simple since it derives from an existing silhouette, but little more updated and perhaps twisted. Gone is the indie/nerdy/rocker vibe and replaced with a tough,very don't-f-with-me attitude.

The observed concept is a combination of Timberland tan work boots and skinny jeans. Perhaps this is the next step guys look for in shoes where they switch from beated Converse or white sneakers to Tims. While it doesn't present a logical resolution to this so-called problem or rather a desired change, it is something we should be aware of. How far can we go when interpreting wardrobe elements from different lifestyles?

Can the ultimate staple of hip hop culture be mixed with an essential part of modern day fashionable guys? Skinny jeans and Tims? While people search for inspiration everywhere, it does not have to mean taking action upon anything that is around us. Finally, I am all about taking ricks when dressing, but I think this might be too much.

Originality does not have limits, but acceptability does.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

daria rules...most absolutely, most definitely

Models come and go. As it is well known, many models last for 2 years and after that they have expired. Well, maybe...

However, Daria is such an exception. I will never get bored or annoyed from looking at her. This girl is phenomenal and I am more than glad to see her doing more ediotirals, as witnessed above. My dear friend, Darialogist, has a link to the May issue of Paris Vogue, where she has not one, but two editorials. Will there be more? Please!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

spring fever

Spring Essentials:
1. skinny colored belt
2. knitted tie
3. something grey
4. crisp white shirt

Monday, April 16, 2007

the right way

This is how guys in their 20's should dress. Polished, but relaxed in a nerdy way. Love those light colored Vans and the khakis. Perfect! And, Simon Rich certainly pulls it off.

Teen Vogue. May 2007.

something bad

Stripes have taken such a big turn lately, that it seems every single store on Earth has some sort of a striped top. I think one of most unfortunate designs for a stripe to be incorporated is a henley. Henleys are usually solid colored tops, mostly in dark tones and add a little touch of chic with the added buttons. I'd never ever imagine a striped henley--it's just too much. Too much colors, too much fussy, too much busy... it just doesn't look right. It quite disturbing, if you ask me.

Teen Vogue. May 2007.

eternal white

Not my cup of tea, but Adam Brody looks absolutely stylish in this photo. It embodies a summer vibe and certain touch of airness with the white suit and white snakers. I've been seeing some photos of Adam around and it seems that this young actor takes an effort of dressing himself, even if it's too Californian for my taste. It's much better than seeing those other male actors running around with stains on their t-shirts and sweatpants. Don't you agree?

Time. April 23 2007.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

it's pop to read popism

This is essential reading for any 60's fanatic and from the looks of it around us these days, there are many out there. I am talking about half of the city's girls who are channeling the entire 60's look and many others who favor skinny jeans and striped tops. "Popism" is quite a resourceful book about arts and not just Andy Warhol's, but the whole Pop Art movement. Each year of the decade is discussed in details, and Andy dashes anything from fashion to dirty secrets of his friends. A must-read.

I have way too many favorite parts, but some of the most memorable include:


"The girls in California were probably prettier in a standard sense than the New York girls-blonder and in better health, I guess; but I still preferred the way in New York looked-stranger and neurotic (a girl always looked more beautiful and fragile when she about to have a nervous breakdown).


"The fear of getting shot again made me think that I'd never again enjoy talking to somebody whose eyes looked weird. But when I thought about that, I got confused, because it included almost everybody I really enjoyed!"

Monday, April 09, 2007

polished summer look

This is for looking sharp at brunch and standing out in a sea of people wearing sweatpants on Sundays. No?

H&M Spring Book. Spring 2007.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

pink pant

This is definitely about having the right attitude and courage. One might find the pink pant too unachievable or an item that looks good only in magazines. While those notions are utterly correct and rational, one can pull off this look if the color is soft, just as above. But, yes, it can be a challenge. Don't you think?

H&M Magazine, Spring 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

dd=detail drawstring

To me, design will always be about details: width of a button hole, collar height, cut of the neckline, the stitching... So, when I saw this wonderful jacket, my focus was on the drawstrings falling on the side. I love the idea that you can tie them up, which creates this bunching up on the sides. Also, the cropped proportion and the subdued grey plaid add to an additional admiration. By Marc.

Barney's Co-Op Catalog, Spring 2007

elegant rave pant

Bergdorf are trying to be progressive and against popular demands. While most of the city's fashiony guys favor the slim silhouette, whose main element is the skinny jean, they present us with an ultra wide cotton pant. I haven't seen such a loose pant since the late 90's. I must admit that it looks odd to me and I probably won't wear this look. Perhaps, it's just the most logic opponent to the skinny jean?
Bergdorf Magazine, Spring 2007

would you ever?

Do you consider wearing this on the street? As much it's a part of the hip hop culture, Kid Robot is little kiddy. Or is it just me? I mean, would you wear a hoddie with cows smoking cigarettes printed on it?

Barney's Co-Op Catalog, Spring 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sequence cardigan for men is one of those things that you want really bad, but then you realize that it's not suitable to wear in the streets. Of course, it looks dashing on the model but I think it's quite hard to pull off as a day wear. I'm sure some guys might wear this, but in reality how many of them are there?

Perhaps it would be more wearable if Karl added some part with sequence like a pocket or some piping instead of covering the entire cardigan? Yes, no?

Vogue Hommes International, Spring 2007

source: tfs

turban stories 2

This look stands out from all the usual turban interpretations. You know, the jewel-like, rich bright color, satin feel and shine combo that people use when wearing a turban.

So here we have the dark turban. Moody, very noir. I like this a lot. Don't you?

source: tfs

calvin gone american apparel

I wish Calvin Klein stays to their original concepts in advertising--clean and minimal. I suppose they are trying to target the younger crowd by making Natalia an American Apparel model/girl. Isn't the reference little bit too obvious here?


from marc jacobs to nine west

Another example of global fashion. Sad.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

poet society

With the constant suffocation of futuristic clothing around us, we might soon forget about about the beauty of carefree bohemia. Just like that shirt above--wide v-neck, which falls loosely. Besides the fact that the rest of the look is not exactly bohemian, that shirt is very much so. It stroke me to think that what a nice change it is from the sharp edges we've been seeing around that were obviously inspired by robots and anything technologic. Also, we are humans after all...

Numero Homme, Spring 2007

source: tfs

Monday, March 26, 2007

gym gone glam

Considering the fact how bad many people get dressed for the gym, this eidtorial with one of my favorite models ever, Malgosia, reminds me to speak up on this little issue. I know that it's just the gym and you are going to end up sweating, but do people really need to wear jeans when they work out? Or still wear Converse with holes when one does push ups or is on the treadmill? I especially don't understand when gay men wear camouflage shorts to the gym? Does it make them look more stronger or tougher? It beats me.

Is it hard to stick with a simple, white tee and shorts? I suppose it is.

Vogue Paris, April 2007

source: tfs

i had a 90's thought...

Kate...Oh, Kate what have you done to us? All those Calvin Klein ads with her "innocent" almond shaped eyes, that waif back and the typical 90's long, Jennie-Ghart-Beverly Hills looking hair...All of that have contributed for me to forget Iselin's beauty and get reminded of the good old days when I was crazy about the Spice Girls, My So-Called Life, Fugees and aimlessly riding my bike...*sigh...Iselin Steiro is without question stunning, but here she just reminds me of Kate, no?

Paris Vogue, April 2007

source: tfs

Thursday, March 22, 2007

turban stories

Vanessa Traina takes an exciting turn on the Prada turban. Instead of going with the typical satin ensamble, this chic chic girl pares it with a vintage printed Balmain dress. Her lips are another big part of the look and that loose hair, which falls on her shoulders. More turbans! Let's see how many variations people will come up with.

source: wwd

technical question

Hello all,

I am having trouble with YouTube. When I upload a video and then go to write something about it, the video is gone. I've tried it couple of times, and I have no idea what to do. Even if I change the title, the video is gone as soon as I enter some text. Suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and you're the best!!!

The Coherent

cos guys can layer too

This spring is all about vivid, lively colors. Electric yellows and blues are essential as well as a true green. Doesn't that belt just adds a completely different note to the outfit?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is an image that has been in mind for the longest time since I saw it couple of weeks ago. Carolyn's calming stare, slighlty pouted lips and tossled/wind-blown hair is just an utter perfection. More Carolyn please!!!

source: tfs

supermodel revenge

It's wonderful to see the old guard of 90's models back in magazines. Actually, I think it is quite refreshing to see familiar faces after all these years. Hands down to German Vogue for featuring legends Cindy and Stephanie, and later ones such as: Carolyn, Karolina and Liya. Also, Russian Vogue brings you the ever alluring Claudia Schiffer. Aren't the 90's just everywhere??
source: tfs

Friday, March 09, 2007

need of the moment

I am avid collector of men's cardigans, and just love layering them with anything possible. Mostly, I own cardigans in dark colors and only one is of a lively color. It's tomato red. In any event... I've been searching for a "pop", "electric" cardigan that I will wear this spring. You know, menswear is quite boring, although this notion is slightly changing. This brings me a conclusion that I still haven't found bold colored cardigan until I came across this ad. Now, this is what I really need. I crave it like diet Pepsi. Yellow. Can it get any better?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

from disco to flapper

After sweeping many of the fall runways, 20's mania is also on Madonna's mind. Ever the trendsetter and ultimate style icon, Madonna has that certain ability to absorb and immediately project newness even if it's peculiar. Here, she is completely into that whole flapper vibe looking absolutely stunning for her age. Hate her, love her--this woman knows what she is doing. Maybe she is preparing for the MET's Poiret exhibition this May, or maybe she just got bored with discoballs, the color purple and leotards. Whatever it is, I am loving this look.

Monday, March 05, 2007

summer in my mind

This summer will definitely be the right time to wear cropped or rolled cotton pants. I used to wear rolled khakis with brown flip flops and washed, wrinkled tee during my high school days. I was trying to achieve that Californian, laid-back, beachy, i-don't-care-about-anything, god-i'm-so-happy look.

Well, things have changed since then. The entire concept is different and not just in terms of clothing choices, but in my state of mind. I will certainly not wear flip flops or have beach thoughts; this is going to be a city look. Refinement, classy with a twist, art nouveau went bohemian with a big touch of modern minimalism are some of the traits when describing this on my terms.

The original idea occurred to me while looking at photos of well dressed and very elegant men on the Sartorialist. I immediately loved the look, but sensed that it was little bit too dressy for my taste. Therefore, I've been playing with many ideas of how to still keep the pant, but make it more downtown. While I'm still trying to put together pieces for achieving and perfecting this look, the main segment, the pant, has been found. Slim, light and affordable at Uniqlo. Meanwhile, Barney's suggests some options, and if you've been reading carefully, you'd know by now that I would definitely lose that tie.

details gets it

I simply love this new take on the traditional men's button down shirt. Short collars ring Raf Simons for me, but as you can see, apparently other designers are spreading the love. These shirts blend quite well with the entire slim look because of the collar width, which is slender and restrained. It also elongates the neck, resulting in an elegant, swan look--but in a very cool, unfussy way. So, why not just indulge. I already have one short collared shirt from Zara (unfortunately), but my goal is to find a short sleeved version, so that I can alternate it according the weather.

source: details mag

Sunday, March 04, 2007

these boots are made for walking

I liked Cloak. I never was too crazy about it, but it grew on me, I suppose. Perhaps it was more of a peer influence than anything. In any regard, talk about Cloak nostalgia. As the last collection hits the stores, I get reminded of some cool products this man made. For example, the killer, i-want-them-right-now, back zipper, low boots. Wow!!! Aren't those just the greatest?

Available at Barney's, darling. Of course.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Look what a wonderful comment I received today. It was so great, that I decided to share it with everyone that reads this blog. It amused me. I never knew that people would get so low and start wasting their time leaving nasty comments on my blog. Actually, I think it's good and quite healthy to get some criticism, but what is this? Are we in 5th grade? At least have the decency to let us know what glorious blog you represent.

Jim Dandy said...
Your a pest.Go away you Macedonian meatball.You leave annoying messages at other blogs to draw attention to your stupid site, so I am now leaving a rude message at yours.
You work at Starbucks serving latte ?
10:27 AM

Monday, February 26, 2007

lily is perfect

It's all about those eyes and the delicate finger bending. Flawless. What a beauty.

photo: nyt

the question

The question here is:

Fashion victim or not?

She has:
1. Prada paper bag, high waisted mini - recognizable from miles away
2. Black tights - black and red... what an old, boring combo...also minis and tights is a combo that a high schooler in Indiana might be wearing today
3.Matching matchy matchy

I don't know kids. YOU tell me!!

photo: the sartorialist

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

because this is cathy

Cathy Horyn's though of Prada:

"If you see yourself as a conceptual canvas or chair, Miuccia Prada’s dimpled wool coats and shaggy skirts are for you. "


the new it model

New face alert, Irina Kulikova opened the always surprising Prada show. Powerful features which resemble introverted innocence and sweetness. Let's see how fast we see her in French Vogue, since they always seem to be into the new Prada girl. Remember that 80's close up face cover of Anna Marya??

photos:, tfs