Friday, March 09, 2007

need of the moment

I am avid collector of men's cardigans, and just love layering them with anything possible. Mostly, I own cardigans in dark colors and only one is of a lively color. It's tomato red. In any event... I've been searching for a "pop", "electric" cardigan that I will wear this spring. You know, menswear is quite boring, although this notion is slightly changing. This brings me a conclusion that I still haven't found bold colored cardigan until I came across this ad. Now, this is what I really need. I crave it like diet Pepsi. Yellow. Can it get any better?


Anonymous said...

maybe an interesting link for u?

regards, V.

eurobrat said...

LOVE mens cardigans.

NYC Modelista said...

Is lemon yellow the new pink for men?