Monday, March 05, 2007

summer in my mind

This summer will definitely be the right time to wear cropped or rolled cotton pants. I used to wear rolled khakis with brown flip flops and washed, wrinkled tee during my high school days. I was trying to achieve that Californian, laid-back, beachy, i-don't-care-about-anything, god-i'm-so-happy look.

Well, things have changed since then. The entire concept is different and not just in terms of clothing choices, but in my state of mind. I will certainly not wear flip flops or have beach thoughts; this is going to be a city look. Refinement, classy with a twist, art nouveau went bohemian with a big touch of modern minimalism are some of the traits when describing this on my terms.

The original idea occurred to me while looking at photos of well dressed and very elegant men on the Sartorialist. I immediately loved the look, but sensed that it was little bit too dressy for my taste. Therefore, I've been playing with many ideas of how to still keep the pant, but make it more downtown. While I'm still trying to put together pieces for achieving and perfecting this look, the main segment, the pant, has been found. Slim, light and affordable at Uniqlo. Meanwhile, Barney's suggests some options, and if you've been reading carefully, you'd know by now that I would definitely lose that tie.


Anonymous said...

Shoes in the middle are fantastic. I'd love to see guy wearing them with navy straght jeans and some brown leather jacket.

maya said...

i want some man shoes.

dusk&summer said...

classy look ;)

we could grow up together said...


i saw some guy wearing cropped khakis and a pair of blue patent loafers from Lanvin. hawt. And i am inspired.