Tuesday, April 24, 2007

daria rules...most absolutely, most definitely

Models come and go. As it is well known, many models last for 2 years and after that they have expired. Well, maybe...

However, Daria is such an exception. I will never get bored or annoyed from looking at her. This girl is phenomenal and I am more than glad to see her doing more ediotirals, as witnessed above. My dear friend, Darialogist, has a link to the May issue of Paris Vogue, where she has not one, but two editorials. Will there be more? Please!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

spring fever

Spring Essentials:
1. skinny colored belt
2. knitted tie
3. something grey
4. crisp white shirt

Monday, April 16, 2007

the right way

This is how guys in their 20's should dress. Polished, but relaxed in a nerdy way. Love those light colored Vans and the khakis. Perfect! And, Simon Rich certainly pulls it off.

Teen Vogue. May 2007.

something bad

Stripes have taken such a big turn lately, that it seems every single store on Earth has some sort of a striped top. I think one of most unfortunate designs for a stripe to be incorporated is a henley. Henleys are usually solid colored tops, mostly in dark tones and add a little touch of chic with the added buttons. I'd never ever imagine a striped henley--it's just too much. Too much colors, too much fussy, too much busy... it just doesn't look right. It quite disturbing, if you ask me.

Teen Vogue. May 2007.

eternal white

Not my cup of tea, but Adam Brody looks absolutely stylish in this photo. It embodies a summer vibe and certain touch of airness with the white suit and white snakers. I've been seeing some photos of Adam around and it seems that this young actor takes an effort of dressing himself, even if it's too Californian for my taste. It's much better than seeing those other male actors running around with stains on their t-shirts and sweatpants. Don't you agree?

Time. April 23 2007.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

it's pop to read popism

This is essential reading for any 60's fanatic and from the looks of it around us these days, there are many out there. I am talking about half of the city's girls who are channeling the entire 60's look and many others who favor skinny jeans and striped tops. "Popism" is quite a resourceful book about arts and not just Andy Warhol's, but the whole Pop Art movement. Each year of the decade is discussed in details, and Andy dashes anything from fashion to dirty secrets of his friends. A must-read.

I have way too many favorite parts, but some of the most memorable include:


"The girls in California were probably prettier in a standard sense than the New York girls-blonder and in better health, I guess; but I still preferred the way in New York looked-stranger and neurotic (a girl always looked more beautiful and fragile when she about to have a nervous breakdown).


"The fear of getting shot again made me think that I'd never again enjoy talking to somebody whose eyes looked weird. But when I thought about that, I got confused, because it included almost everybody I really enjoyed!"

Monday, April 09, 2007

polished summer look

This is for looking sharp at brunch and standing out in a sea of people wearing sweatpants on Sundays. No?

H&M Spring Book. Spring 2007.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

pink pant

This is definitely about having the right attitude and courage. One might find the pink pant too unachievable or an item that looks good only in magazines. While those notions are utterly correct and rational, one can pull off this look if the color is soft, just as above. But, yes, it can be a challenge. Don't you think?

H&M Magazine, Spring 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

dd=detail drawstring

To me, design will always be about details: width of a button hole, collar height, cut of the neckline, the stitching... So, when I saw this wonderful jacket, my focus was on the drawstrings falling on the side. I love the idea that you can tie them up, which creates this bunching up on the sides. Also, the cropped proportion and the subdued grey plaid add to an additional admiration. By Marc.

Barney's Co-Op Catalog, Spring 2007

elegant rave pant

Bergdorf are trying to be progressive and against popular demands. While most of the city's fashiony guys favor the slim silhouette, whose main element is the skinny jean, they present us with an ultra wide cotton pant. I haven't seen such a loose pant since the late 90's. I must admit that it looks odd to me and I probably won't wear this look. Perhaps, it's just the most logic opponent to the skinny jean?
Bergdorf Magazine, Spring 2007

would you ever?

Do you consider wearing this on the street? As much it's a part of the hip hop culture, Kid Robot is little kiddy. Or is it just me? I mean, would you wear a hoddie with cows smoking cigarettes printed on it?

Barney's Co-Op Catalog, Spring 2007