Monday, April 16, 2007

something bad

Stripes have taken such a big turn lately, that it seems every single store on Earth has some sort of a striped top. I think one of most unfortunate designs for a stripe to be incorporated is a henley. Henleys are usually solid colored tops, mostly in dark tones and add a little touch of chic with the added buttons. I'd never ever imagine a striped henley--it's just too much. Too much colors, too much fussy, too much busy... it just doesn't look right. It quite disturbing, if you ask me.

Teen Vogue. May 2007.

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NYC Modelista said...

It looks good on him but you are right, that horizontal striped henley is a tough thing to pull off.

BTW, that photo looks like a bad catalog photo for JCrew or LLBean.