Monday, April 16, 2007

the right way

This is how guys in their 20's should dress. Polished, but relaxed in a nerdy way. Love those light colored Vans and the khakis. Perfect! And, Simon Rich certainly pulls it off.

Teen Vogue. May 2007.


NYC Modelista said...

I totally disagree on both points. 1. The look is hardly polished. It looks like he slept in his clothes last night. 2. Twenty-somethings should know that Vans are cool in high school and after 45, while going through a mid-life crisis. Anyone between 20 and 45 wearing Vans is just nerdy.

That said, love you and love your blog. *smooches*

Rafe Totengco said...

I absolutely agree with you but Vans shouldn't be worn past 45. Then again, we all can't seem to let go of our youth so quickly these days.

Mark Tungate said...

I really like this look, but I'm a little too old and genuinely nerdy to pull it off. I admire the guy for getting his personal branding all sorted out: young, iconoclastic novelist - it's all there in the clothes and the setting. Whether it was Simon's idea or that of his PR people, it works. Bravo.

Maddy said...

Awww, he's so cute. I appreciate a guy in a sweater.

we could grow up together said...

teen vogue is always inspirational. especially the bois in it, :: EVIL GRIN :: .

adjoun said...

the tie is beautiful
teen vogue is great for the bois!