Wednesday, April 11, 2007

it's pop to read popism

This is essential reading for any 60's fanatic and from the looks of it around us these days, there are many out there. I am talking about half of the city's girls who are channeling the entire 60's look and many others who favor skinny jeans and striped tops. "Popism" is quite a resourceful book about arts and not just Andy Warhol's, but the whole Pop Art movement. Each year of the decade is discussed in details, and Andy dashes anything from fashion to dirty secrets of his friends. A must-read.

I have way too many favorite parts, but some of the most memorable include:


"The girls in California were probably prettier in a standard sense than the New York girls-blonder and in better health, I guess; but I still preferred the way in New York looked-stranger and neurotic (a girl always looked more beautiful and fragile when she about to have a nervous breakdown).


"The fear of getting shot again made me think that I'd never again enjoy talking to somebody whose eyes looked weird. But when I thought about that, I got confused, because it included almost everybody I really enjoyed!"


Rafe Totengco said...

He did have a lot great quotes.

rollergirl said...

Gotta love Andy, and stripes...

Isabel said...

My God, Andy was a crackhead. It would certainly make for a good read.