Tuesday, May 15, 2007

runway or reality?

Raf's wonderful shorts are absolutely sticked in my mind. That exquisite draping, the particular slim puffiness...you name it, I just want one. But, then reality kicks in and you wonder is this for the runway only or can I wear it on the street? Can you push steretypes and be an original?

So, what is it? Runway or reality?

source: firsview


Another example of how New York is slowly becoming a giant suburb. JCPenney on 34 St.??? Not surprised.
This photo: Payless Shoes in Soho: Broadway/Spring

neon spring

It's hard not to fall into this craze about 80's or neon. But, it's not like someone forced me into it. I suppose I just felt inspired. Perhaps, it was a good idea for a change. So, here it is: my neon scarf and an acid wash t-shirt.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

mag advice

According to New York magazine, short shorts are considered underwear. I say no, and you say...?

saturation point

I love accessories, but when you have something shoved in your face for a long time, you get bored and annoyed because:

1. This scarf is everywhere.
2. This scarf is even worn by high school students.
3. This scarf has become a mechanical part of wannabe chic people.
4. This scarf is so unoriginal.
5. This scarf is still advertised in the latest Urban Outfitters catalog and is paired with a military jacket. The horror.
6. This scarf needs to be stored and be untouched for at least 3 years.

image: urban outfitters spring catalog

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

urban mixture: tims + skinny

I am not sure if I am delighted or puzzled to write about a new trend spreading among stylish guys in the city. It is quite simple since it derives from an existing silhouette, but little more updated and perhaps twisted. Gone is the indie/nerdy/rocker vibe and replaced with a tough,very don't-f-with-me attitude.

The observed concept is a combination of Timberland tan work boots and skinny jeans. Perhaps this is the next step guys look for in shoes where they switch from beated Converse or white sneakers to Tims. While it doesn't present a logical resolution to this so-called problem or rather a desired change, it is something we should be aware of. How far can we go when interpreting wardrobe elements from different lifestyles?

Can the ultimate staple of hip hop culture be mixed with an essential part of modern day fashionable guys? Skinny jeans and Tims? While people search for inspiration everywhere, it does not have to mean taking action upon anything that is around us. Finally, I am all about taking ricks when dressing, but I think this might be too much.

Originality does not have limits, but acceptability does.

image: urbanoutfitters.com