Wednesday, May 09, 2007

urban mixture: tims + skinny

I am not sure if I am delighted or puzzled to write about a new trend spreading among stylish guys in the city. It is quite simple since it derives from an existing silhouette, but little more updated and perhaps twisted. Gone is the indie/nerdy/rocker vibe and replaced with a tough,very don't-f-with-me attitude.

The observed concept is a combination of Timberland tan work boots and skinny jeans. Perhaps this is the next step guys look for in shoes where they switch from beated Converse or white sneakers to Tims. While it doesn't present a logical resolution to this so-called problem or rather a desired change, it is something we should be aware of. How far can we go when interpreting wardrobe elements from different lifestyles?

Can the ultimate staple of hip hop culture be mixed with an essential part of modern day fashionable guys? Skinny jeans and Tims? While people search for inspiration everywhere, it does not have to mean taking action upon anything that is around us. Finally, I am all about taking ricks when dressing, but I think this might be too much.

Originality does not have limits, but acceptability does.



Asian Models Blogger said...

I used to wear my daisy dukes with Timberland boots in college. *blush*

In my defense, it was another era and I was clueless.

bryanboy said...

not too keen on timberland boots.

they remind me too well of those tan manolo blahnik (?)ones jennifer lopez wore.

they're soo soooo jenny from the block LOL

Isabel said...

Eugh, this is a horrible trend. Bring back the Doc Martens, I say.

I'm quite in to your blog. Fashionable man blogs are few and far between, so it's quite refreshing to find a new one.

CRISTA said...

I love timbs.. I've seen this look on a few guys and I thought it looked good. But those guys were Japanese and anything looks cool on Japanese guys. I even tried it out and got mucho compliments all day long. Here's the link to when I posted them on my blog.

I love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

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