Tuesday, March 06, 2007

from disco to flapper

After sweeping many of the fall runways, 20's mania is also on Madonna's mind. Ever the trendsetter and ultimate style icon, Madonna has that certain ability to absorb and immediately project newness even if it's peculiar. Here, she is completely into that whole flapper vibe looking absolutely stunning for her age. Hate her, love her--this woman knows what she is doing. Maybe she is preparing for the MET's Poiret exhibition this May, or maybe she just got bored with discoballs, the color purple and leotards. Whatever it is, I am loving this look.


ma vie en rose said...

I agree, she looks fab. She and Guy Ritchie are dressed up for a Purim party at the Kabballah center.

discothequechic said...

I love this picture! I was tryig to find it on the internet for my blog too.

By the way, thanks for the "blog compliments", I've come across yours before and really like it!

Its nice to come across a fashion blog run by a guy too.

Hmm, your post "the question" has got me thinking about whether that girl is a fashion victim...

I guess just because you wear a key piece from one of these season's collections, it doens't make you a fashion victim. I think it makes you quite brave? Besides she looks good..

Chunkier heels though would have been better.

Sure, would love to sway links.

S xx

PS, you'll have to excuse my long comments, its a habit!

Maddy said...

I'm so over disco. She looks lovely, totally rocking the headband.

Anonymous said...

the 20's kit suits her more than disco, which was looking kinda creepy. she looks great...