Monday, March 26, 2007

gym gone glam

Considering the fact how bad many people get dressed for the gym, this eidtorial with one of my favorite models ever, Malgosia, reminds me to speak up on this little issue. I know that it's just the gym and you are going to end up sweating, but do people really need to wear jeans when they work out? Or still wear Converse with holes when one does push ups or is on the treadmill? I especially don't understand when gay men wear camouflage shorts to the gym? Does it make them look more stronger or tougher? It beats me.

Is it hard to stick with a simple, white tee and shorts? I suppose it is.

Vogue Paris, April 2007

source: tfs

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eurobrat said...

I know that I always look like that at the gym :)

Love Malgosia. What a stunning woman.