Monday, September 17, 2007

thank you

I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

I have been through a very rough time these past couple of months.

For some reason, after working in fashion you realize how much we do NOT appreciate life. Life is very nasty behind the actual scenes and it gives you a mindblowing picture of reality and cruelty of the fashion world.

In any regards, more updates will follow with focus on conceptuality.

Welcome back and thank you for reading--I highly appreciate even if someone came here and read the blog for a second or an hour.

Be good, but not so good.


Anonymous said...


Asian Models Blogger said...

Just make sure you don't turn into a monster like them.

dianabobar said...

I hope you are ok:) the most imp thing is not to loose yourself!

Rollergirl said...

Hey you have been missed. Sending positive vibes to you...

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la femme said...

I know what you mean :)

stay strong x