Thursday, September 28, 2006


Miuccia Prada to me is much like Madonna. Changes occur constantly and all aspects of previous work never gets repeated. They both are like a time machine that only goes forward in the future seeking new ideas and concepts that eventually will influence society in many artistic ways.

Knowing this, I was expecting something drastic. Something that people will say it's weird, hate it, interesting but don't understand it. Well, it was delivered. The genius of Prada is that she loves giving hints of references (African) but adopting it in her own way, which makes one think for a while before commenting any opinions. Those indications are often interpreted and mixed with elements or ideas/feeling of today's world such as backpacks in this collection or depression/war/coldness in her fall '06 collection.

Is there a more original way to cover your head than a shiny turban? Didn't think so. This 40's/early 50's vibe was combined with distinct volume play, which was kept for the waist above. Colors were rich and deep as jewels and the fabrics even richer with shiny satins leading the way. Light beiges and traces of brown provided for a good contrast. Although, this may not be the most commercial Prada collection besides the very salable accessories, but could impact many of us soon.

And don't forget that economists measure the economy according hemlines--the shorter, the better. Prada's hemlines? Micro.


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