Thursday, September 07, 2006

the comeback

I've always been a big fan of the Barney's mailers, but last spring they got even more exciting. It featured a cheesy crime story with the ever gorgeous Malgosia Bela. They named the main character, Sylvia and dressed her in corresponding clothes to each scene. The result: not your typical-boring-standing-next-to-a-wall mailer. I loved and still keep it.

Well, Sylvia is back this fall and as explained by Simon Doonan, creative director of Barney's "the consumer is tired of looking at pictures of gals in frocks. They want a bit of drama and some backstory, maybe even a murder or two." I could not agree more.

In the spring Sylvia was a girl about town, who got married and then got arrested for killing her husband. This fall, she emerges as an aspiring actress but soon enough she needs to go into hiding where she is rescued by a prince, gets famous fast,but leaves Hollywood and leads a peaceful life in Africa with her four kids and husband. Its inspiration came from "Valley of the Dolls" and "Mildred Pierce", but Doonan explains that "it was time we did our own rags-to-riches melodrama." Notice the humorous lines.

Enjoy the wonderful story shot by Terry Tsiolis, art direction by Suzi Jones and fashion editing by the ever famous Julie Gilhart. I also apologize for the quality of some photos--my scanner does not work.

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