Friday, February 02, 2007


I just saw this the other day at the Prada store on 5th Avenue, and it brought back some memories. I don't know about you guys, but when I was little (3-7) I used to wear socks with my sandals. I am not quite sure if it was for protection or just fashion of that time, but I clearly remember that many kids at the kindergarten were carrying the same look. This was the mid-80's.

Now, let's fast forward to present time. I have to say that it looks somewhat cool on the mannequin, but I am not sure about wearing this on the street. The extremely tapered cuffed pant, yes. The sandals, yes. The socks, err, umm.. Again, it looks cool... I guess I'll have to try it on home before going out. Hmm?


savvylondon said...

to a californian, socks with sandals just looks very east coast or midwestern, or GERMAN-all the foreign exchange students in high school would wear socks with birkenstocks or teva's. to some of us growing up, it just meant that they weren't always blessed with decent weather, which made the rest of us wonder why they purchased sandals. wishful thinking? if you have to wear socks doesn't that defeat their purpose?

but that was a long time each his/her own. doing your own thing is more important.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

erm, no. Just no. I believe in Do Your Own Thing as firmly as the next girl, but if you're going to wear socks with your sandals, at least get an interesting variety? Thoug I quite like the tights-with peep-toes thing that went on last year.

rollergirl said...

I think if you have to question ANY look then it's not the look for you. Style should be effortless, you have the idea, you try it, you decide instantly if it looks good. if you have to question it then surely it's a no-no?

I really like your blog, I seem to be commenting on everything!

kumquat said...

Secretly i love socks with sandals. it never worked on me, i just looked fashionablt challenged. I guess there are ways too pull it off now. 1980's geekfest is one way.