Thursday, February 01, 2007

the one button coat

I love how this coat fits. Especially, the slim sleeves. Men's coats tend to have loose/bulky sleeves, but this one looks just right. Also, the one button defines the look as more linear.

Jean Paul Gaultier. Fall 2007. Look 4.



rollergirl said...

That's a bitchin' coat. BUT I have a problem with those sleeves. Like how do you wear a proper sweater underneath it? It's like those dumb exaggerated balloon sleeve dresses. How do you wear your coat OVER them? What, you want to take your coat off and your sleeves are all scrunched up and creased? Sorry, I'm a virgo, these things are important!

Gunn said...

Mmm. Yes, very sleek. I really like it.
And the mutton chops!