Friday, July 21, 2006

oh, topman

I must confess that I have had a crush on TOPMAN for some time. This British super-trendy, affordable retailer offers an excellent merchandise selection and I have been visiting their site very regularly, which often caused me to daydream of the clothes. But not for long! On my recent trip to Barcelona, I did some serious card damage and realized why Europeans prefer it over H&M. We, people in the U.S. usually think of H&M when words such as trendy and inexpensive come across. Now, I do not have anything against H&M which I am very fond of, but TOPMAN has a much killer, sexier merchandise because:
  • carries XS
  • crisper, fresh color palette
  • 28 waist actually fits like 28, not 30-31
  • perfect skinny jeans for men
  • overall fit is superb
  • no boring brown polos

According to a rumor, TOPSHOP (women's of TOPMAN) is planning to open up a store this coming spring 07 in Manhattan (of course, where else?). No word on TOPMAN as of yet. Keep your fingers crossed, boys.

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Anonymous said...

And what the hell is wrong with a brown polo?! =)