Friday, October 20, 2006


I have never been one of those people who complain about US Vogue, criticize their talent or trash talk about the fashion content in the magazine. I believe that they are on target for what's happening in fashion combined with the idea of keeping in mind that this magazine is for the wide American audience. We live in a celebrity driven society where people do more voting for American Idol finalists than for a president. Therefore, editors are sort of forced to put celebrities on cover because magazines are businesses that need to generate money.

And this is the reason many people do not understand. US Vogue cannot be as forward as Italian or French Vogue. Yes, there was a time when US Vogue was in the same artistic category as its European editions, but times change. Of course, that there can always be some changes and improvements, but we all know that people in America have different approaches and views of fashion than in Europe. Which brings me to the new edition of US Vogue. I just flipped through it and what really caught me was the stellar cover. Some might call it boring, but I like it. A lot. It's powerful and strong--just like Cate Blanchett is. Also, I like the editorial with her as it shows some good photos. And after a long time of absence from US Vogue, Kate Moss has a very nature, playful, free spirited editorial shot by Bruce Weber. Enjoy.


Adrian said...

Very well put, my friend. I think this month struck the perfect balance between high-fashion and a celebrity-driven North America.

Anonymous said...

not to mention the small lily cole/accessories spread. gots to love lily.