Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i'm skinny, you're skinny, we're skinny

I am getting very tired of hearing about skinny models or actresses or whatnot. So, the last person we all need to express such statements is the one who started the trend. Twiggy, the 60's legendary model, declares that Hollywood is responsible for the the whole skinny trend.
I just don't get it. Being the way you are whether skinny or round or average or overweight is one person's choice. If one wants to be skinny, go ahead... why do people think everyone will follow Nicole Richie or Micha Barton? After all, it's a free country where diet pills are even advertised on newsstands.
And, Twiggy, we love you but don't you think this is little contradictory?


Anonymous said...

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stacy jones said...

I don't think Twiggy was one of the models who straved herself. She is naturaly thin.