Sunday, December 24, 2006

elle's new star

Is Nina Garcia over? Did "Project Runway" hurt or advance her image? Those questions certainly make me doubt when a creative director is coming on board.

According to news reported in WWD, Elle's future fashion will be in the hands of Joe Zee, a very well known stylist who is contributing to W and was an editor in chief of cancelled Vitals and Vitals Men. There were many rumors of where Mr.Zee would be working after his two magazines were shot down. Keeping a low profile, and declaring that he's not a big partier, Joe Zee can be seen taking walks in Chelsea or grocery shopping in the area. I wonder if he suggested the neighborhood to Vogue's Sally Singer.

I applaud the decision of bringing Mr.Zee to Elle, because his overall taste and design sense is simply stellar. Also, this makes me excited for Elle and what changes he will bring. I expect new page layouts, photographers, and perhaps different sense of what style is at Elle. Most importantly, there will be a big staff change over there very very soon.
source: wwd, getty

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Ms. Oscar the Grouch said...

i'm gonna miss nina! i really like her work...