Thursday, December 28, 2006

wordly photo

This photograph brought back some memories of old 50's photos I've seen around with Marylin Monroe and Arthur Miller. What really caught my attentions is the hazy, almost light dotted technique used for taking this photo. Also, you gather a feeling of closeness from Kelis and Nas, although they are not kissing or holding each other, just like Marilyn and Arthur. I love the way they look at you.. it has so much personality. Notice Kelis' almond shaped eyes and the wonderful lighting falling on her face. What a refined and yet very classy couple.

source: ny mag


Anonymous said...

I agree. I have it as my screen saver. It's rare do we see couples take such great photos together (UsWeekly and all that other trash doesn't count.) Kelis and Nas are the best looking couple out there along with Gwen and Gavin and Angie and Brad.

Michele said...

Great photo, her hair really suits her.

d said...

kelis and nas rock!!!!