Thursday, December 14, 2006

hungry for hilary

I have been waiting for quite some time new material from Ms.Rhoda. Hilary is magical and captures your attention with that brunettes-only stare. Her dark features and little thicker than average eyebrows brings a much needed personality among today's alien/kiddy looking models. She reminds me of the early to mid 90's craze about girls looking healthy, energetic and American. Although, I would not classify her beauty as purely American, she definitely embodies that spirit.

Note to editors: Hire Hilary more and all those complaints about anorexic models might stop.

scans from Harper's January 2007


Anonymous said...

just to let you know. hilary is almost 6' tall and she is 34 inches hips. have you seen her in person? talking about healthy looking? do your research.

thecoherent said...

yea, i've seen her in person. but, i was more thinking of when you are comparing her and let's say snejana. and the thing is that she might not be healthy, but she looks like it and sometimes that enough for clients to hire her. whether i'm not sure an american client would like to hire snejana or sasha.