Thursday, December 28, 2006

the patriot

Government agenda and a supermodel? Quite an interesting idea, if you ask me.

Legend Claudia Schiffer looks more than stunning in a campaign to promote economy in her native country, Germany. We really need to give credit to Germany's Ministry of Economy and Technology for being so creative and thoughtful for booking one of Germany's biggest and sexiest symbols for the purpose of governmental advertising. But then, their concept is not bad at all. Claudia has signature German features from her eyes to the most talked about perfect blond hair in the 90's. With this, maybe things will go brighter when one sees Claudia's beautiful but yet seductive face and body covered with a German flag.


Ms. Oscar the Grouch said...

she looks drop out gorgeous indeed!

Carissa said...

Who knew the German government was so savvy? If only Americans replaced Jessica Simpson with supermodels in governmental ads..