Saturday, December 16, 2006

yes, color!

First 2: Vogue US, rest: German Vogue

I am a very big contrast person, so you've guessed that I was in pure joy when I saw these two editorials. Also, rich, vibrant and playful color is much needed since I haven't seen this much intense color for some time. There has been lots of green these couple of last seasons and change is more than welcomed.

Therefore, how about some lemon yellow from Jil Sander? It is such a refreshing color and makes any metallics look wearable for daytime. Perhaps Medici dark red courtesy of Miu Miu? And no, red does not only look best with black and white. How about marine blue? The combinations are endless. What gets attention is playing with non-traditional and new colors. I hope you enjoy it.

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Robert Vandenbego said...

Hi! Beautiful images from Vogue. Color is life and beauty. I think your blog is very interesting.
Regards and Happy Christmas!!

Robert Vandenbego
Madrid/ Spain