Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the new jean

We simply cannot be counting how many times overalls have been ridiculed and I am sure that many people, including myself have considered them absolutely dull, utterly unattractive and just oh-so-Midwestern. So, let's reconsider this notion again.

The cool people at Iron Army have introduced a new pair of what I would call the 21st century overall pant with straight/skinny leg. Instead of the tacky high patch that regular overalls have, this pair has a smaller patch which is much lower and aesthetically pleasing. Also, this allows for your top to be seen much, much better. Then, they have adopted the skinny fever of suspenders that has been going for a while and attached them in denim to the patch. Result: unwanted classic turned into a hot new denim item.

Available at: Behaviour, NY

source: hx mag


misshoax said...

nooooooooooooooo! ahem.

sorry, those don't do anything for me. but, i understand, not everyone shares my opinion, i just had to let it out there.

S. said...

Not bad but, I'm afraid too many people will pick them up so I will have to avoid them.

mareGa said...

they look... interesting.

eurobrat said...

I've noticed a lot of these too, particularly on young Asian women. I really like the look.

Candid Cool said...

it's an interesting concept, but def. not a look everyone can pull off.